Are You Ready if an Emergency Strikes Poway?

Poway Neighborhood Emergency CorpsPoway Neighborhood Emergency Corps

The Vision

Our vision is to organize community volunteers throughout Poway to provide emergency response to assist our residents and business owners.

An integral part of that vision is that every neighborhood in the city will have a Neighborhood Emergency Coordinator.  This person will be trained and will be ready to lead the efforts to assist their neighborhood with evacuation, shelter in place, localized emergency, or other community needs.

History of PNEC

Poway has suffered several major emergencies in the past few years.  We’ve had two serious wildfires where dozens of Poway families lost their homes.  We’ve had earthquakes.  We’ve had many localized emergencies as well.  Our City has responded well to each of these both through the efforts of our fire department, safety services, and city staff.  We’ve also had great response through volunteer organizations throughout the city.

The one missing component has been reaching and helping the neighborhoods.  Our community needs a person from each neighborhood who is equipped to lead that neighborhood in times of emergency or other need.  The Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps was created to fill that need. Visit the PowayNEC website for more information.

Neighborhood Emergency Coordinators (NEC)

NECs are adult volunteers from throughout the City of Poway, who are trained to provide current information into neighborhoods quickly, assess damage in the neighborhood, and may coordinate initial emergency response efforts.

NECs are neighborhood-based individuals who will be trained by the American Red Cross on how to provide appropriate assistance to neighbors without getting hurt themselves. To assure that NECs are not overburdened, they will recruit a team of additional neighbors to act as assistants.

City of Poway Emergency Preparedness Plan

Additionally, the City of Poway has an Emergency Preparedness Plan covering a variety of potential emergency situations. A wealth of information can be found on the City of Poway’s website, with an entire section devoted to emergency preparedness. Resources including a 50-page Emergency Preparedness Workbook, Earthquake Safety Tips and much more. The Fire Prevention and Education section alone includes 12 web pages filled with information and links.

If you want to be involved, more information can be found online. Resources available for download include: Evacuation Checklist, Emergency Preparedness Handbook, Get Involved Prospective Volunteer Sheets, NEC job description.

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