California Home Sales – Where Do the Sellers Move?

CA Real Estate Buyers - Where are They Moving?Moving Habits of Californians

Trends over the past five years show an increase in Californians staying within the same county when they move. In 2011, 49% stayed pretty local, compared with just 37% in 2007.

The percentage of home sellers who moved out of state dropped from 29% in 2007 to just 20% in 2011.

Most Popular Destinations

So when they leave paradise, where do they relocate most often? Texas ranked in the top 3 most popular destinations every year for the past 5 years!

Arizona and Oregon tied for next most popular, making the list 4 of 5 years; then comes Washington state 3 times and Tennessee made the list at #2 in 2009.

There is clearly a lot to love in the Land of Sunshine and Opportunity!

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