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The City of Poway is part of the greater San Diego area, situated approximately 20 minutes from Downtown San Diego. Poway lies geographically in the middle of San Diego County, yet is often described as North County Inland. I-56, otherwise known as Ted Williams Parkway, originates in the heart of Poway and extends past Carmel Valley, all the way to I-5, just south of Del Mar. One can travel from Poway to the Pacific Ocean in 12-15 minutes along I-56.

Parks and Recreation

Adding to the desirability of Poway are the many opportunities for recreation and community. Poway boasts 4700 acres of open space, 82 miles of trails and 25 parks. Most notably, Lake Poway, 14644 Lake Poway Road, offers hiking, fishing and is a popular picnic venue. Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, 16275 Espola Road, features walking and jogging trails. Aubrey Park, 13544 Aubrey Street, is comprised of 8.5 acres including four softball fields, snack shop, walking trails and picnic areas. Old Poway Park, 14134 Midland Road, Starridge Park, 13745 Carriage Road, and Community Park, 13094 Civic Center Drive, are just a few of the additional recreational opportunities Poway affords.

Poway –  The City in the Country

With its reputation for friendly residents and often-spacious lot sizes, Poway is affectionately referred to as “The City in the Country”. Poway Days and the Poway Rodeo are annual events bringing the community together with a western flair.

Poway Unified School District

The highly acclaimed Poway Unified School District is well known for its impressive test scores and peak performance of its students. Many home buyers choose to purchase their homes in Poway, whether or not they have children, due to the stability of property values afforded by this highly desired school district. Search for Poway Unified School District information by address.

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