Daryl Was Our Real Estate Professor


When we began the process of buying our first home, we went on Zillow to find a real estate agent. After reading several reviews and emailing a few agents, we came upon Sara and Daryl’s reviews. We were impressed with how many people enjoyed working with them and how efficient they were in helping buyers and sellers meet their goals. When we contacted Sara over the phone, we knew instantly that Daryl and her were going to be the team to get us into our first home.

Daryl started helping us with the search by breaking down we wanted, needed and disliked in a home. Throughout the whole search process, Daryl was patient, understanding and a phenomenal listener. His calm demeanor and expertise really helped us to relax and focus on what we really wanted. As first time home buyers, we asked Daryl A LOT of questions and he answered them all, sometimes explaining them two or three times due to our extreme learning curve. To put it in another way, Daryl was our Real Estate Professor and we were his eager students.

We went on numerous trips with Daryl to view several homes at a time. Daryl was always prepared and gave us a neatly organized binder with information on each property we were seeing on the trip. We were a big fan of the binders as it helped us stay organized and familiar with each property. After every home visit, Daryl would ask what we liked and disliked about the property; collecting information on what we wanted to have in a home. There were times where we would change our direction and without hesitation, Daryl was quick to respond and adapt. The combination of Daryl’s willingness to learn what we wanted and his knowledge of the Poway/Rancho Bernardo area was absolutely vital to our success in finding a place.

Once we found our place, it was time to make an offer with Sara, who was equally as awesome as Daryl. Sara sat down with us and explained the entire process of making an offer and all of the hundreds of documents we had to sign. When our offer was accepted, Sara worked diligently with us to make sure we were taking care of all of the necessary documents, inspections, etc. We contacted Sara constantly, sometimes 10 times a day, with questions and she was quick to respond with detailed answers. Sara was always patient with us and went above and beyond to explain the details of the process. Once we closed, we felt like we graduated Real Estate University. In the end, Daryl taught us how to find a place and Sara taught us how to buy a place.

Sara and Daryl are the “Dynamic Duo” of real estate. Not only do they know their stuff, but they are fully invested in helping their clients. We always felt they were part of our team and looking out for our best interest. Needless to say, we couldn’t have purchased our first home without them.

When we first spoke to Sara and Daryl, they told us that their goals were to help us buy a home, but more importantly, cultivate client loyalty for life. After working with them, we can honestly say that they stand behind their words. When we upgrade into a bigger home years from now, our first and only call will be to Sara and Daryl.

Justin & Alicia

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