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While the Internet is a great resource to locate information about food, travel and almost anything you need, it isn’t necessarily the best place to find a local service provider.

You can Google and Yelp, and you might get lucky.  You’ll probably even see some fairly impressive websites. The problem is that sometimes those sites are run by companies that sell your contact information to vendors who may not be as experienced as you’re expecting.

Instead of taking a chance on a total stranger, a personal recommendation always yields more satisfactory results. Having sold more than 1,100 homes since 1988, we’ve had occasion to use professionals in almost every category of home improvement, repair or maintenance.

Your Home Team Business Directory

We’ve created an online directory available to you 24/7, right here on our site! No one pays to be on this list. They are all here simply because we’ve known them to be reputable, caring and skilled professionals. We’ve done business personally with most of them, or they have been highly recommended by some of our pickiest clients. (I mean that in the nicest way!)

We’ve Left Some Categories Out

If you don’t find what you need, please contact us for a personalized recommendation. We’ve found that mortgage lenders, property managers and home inspectors are best referred on a case by case basis. We like to match our clients with professionals in these fields in a more personal way. Call us for anyone you need, and we’ll have one or more great options ready for you.

While we believe everyone to be the best we’ve encountered in their fields, we know things change over time. We always welcome your feedback–good or bad–so we can keep the list filled with the very best vendors. Everyone on this list knows they stay there because they remain dedicated to the finest service and results. That’s how we treat our clients, and we don’t want you settling for less.

Please do any checking for licensing, insurance and other qualifications according to
your own standards and desires. We believe these professionals to be reliable but do
not personally guarantee their results.

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