Did You Receive a Postcard?

Get an instant home estimate based on recent sales around your home. Simply enter the access key from your postcard below.  A home estimate is a good start to understanding which homes are selling in your neighborhood and for what prices.

In our estimate, we examine the sales activity of comparable properties and generate an estimate of value.

What if you need to adjust it?

Once the valuation has processed, you can easily fine tune the estimate of value in two ways:

  • Check or uncheck the selected comparable properties
  • Adjust the sliders to better describe your home

What next?

In today’s market, there are dozens of factors that affect both what your home will sell for and how long it will take to find the buyer.

  • Have you done any upgrades?
  • Is your home in better condition than those around you?
  • Are your mortgage balances close to (or below) the value of your home?

These are just a few of the many variables which impact the value of a home. If you want a more accurate picture of the price your home would bring in today’s market, we’ll be happy to tour it in person and provide a detailed analysis, with no obligation. Call us today for a personal consultation.