How Much Water Could You Save?


A typical household uses 185 to 300 gallons of water a day and the majority of it literally goes down the drain from the commode and the shower. Updating your fixtures will serve as a conservation effort while lowering your water bill.

Today’s toilets use less water, prevent staining and resist clogging better than the older toilets and you might be surprised at how easy they are to install. Replacements generally cost from $100 to $300.

Toilets made in the 1950’s used, on average, seven gallons per flush. Compare that with one that only uses 1.6 gallons per flush and it’s a big saving. Multiply by the times a toilet is flushed in a year and the number of toilets in your home and you may be shocked at how much water – and money – you can save.

Gallons of Water Saved in a Year with 1.6 gpf
Age of
Gallons Per
Flush 3 times a
Flush 5 times a
Prior to 1950’s 7.0 5,913 9,855
1960’s 5.5 4,271 7,118
1980’s 3.5 2,081 3,468
After 1994 1.6


Watch this video to see how easy the project is done and even if you decide to hire a plumber, you’ll have a better understanding of how it works.

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