How to Sell Your Home for the Highest Possible Price

Getting the Highest Possible Price for Your Home

What are the factors that affect a home’s value? It’s more than market conditions and price per square foot, though a lot of agents blame market conditions for limiting their sale prices, and buyers think it’s all about that simple calculation of dividing a sale price by the square footage of the home, and poof! Market Value!

There are a great many variables which influence the value of real estate.

Here are the 5 Keys to Getting the Highest Price for Your Home

Correct Pricing Strategy

Positioning the property for maximum showings without underpricing is essential. We have an extremely accurate method of identifying a price range for your home which is neither too high nor too low, the two most common pricing errors. Offering the property within a range, as opposed to a fixed price, is the place to start. Choosing the optimum range is where the skill lies. Talk to us about the two most common mistakes agents and sellers make when selecting a range. You’ll learn a secret that will make money for you!

 Skilled Negotiating

Verbal skills, as well as concisely prepared data to accompany a counteroffer, are vital to obtaining a great price for your home, and should be a major consideration in selecting an agent. Your home could sell for significantly different prices within a range of value, depending upon your representation. We have specific, recent examples of our success in negotiating home sales for our clients that we’ll be happy to show you.

Creating Urgency for Buyers and Agents

Causing someone to make the decision (1) to buy now, (2) to buy your home, and (3) to pay you a generous price begins with salesmanship. We don’t sit back and wait for someone to make you an offer. We give the buyer and their agent valid reasons to make a good offer on your home now.

Obtaining Multiple Offers

This doesn’t have to be an accident! By meticulously tracking the showing activity and buyer responses, we are able to immediately re-contact all potential buyers as soon as an offer appears imminent. You’d be shocked to know how few agents ever follow up on a showing, not to mention make the effort to procure multiple offers for their sellers!


Proper staging can make the difference between a fast sale, a slow one, or in some cases, no sale at all! Daryl’s background is in new home development and sales, and is an expert in advising sellers on repairs and improvements which are likely to return more dollars than were spent in preparing the home to sell. We’ll share with you our valuable list of the best vendors for virtually any area of repair or improvement your home might need.

Part 2 of our Top Three Priorities is Selling in the Shortest Possible Time. We have a plan designed for that, as well…and Part 3 is Selling Your Home with the Least Amount of Stress. Check them out and then contact us to see how we can help you as well!


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