I Appreciated Having Sara & Daryl as a Team


As a seller, I appreciated having Sara and Daryl as a team. Sara gave me valuable input as the seller’s agent, but I also benefited from Daryl’s input representing a buyer’s viewpoint. Sara was always there for me, returning calls and responding promptly, ready to reassure me and keep me informed. I had 9 great offers in less than 7 days (including 2 back-up offers that matched the offer I accepted). With years in the business, it quickly became apparent that Sara knew what she was talking about. She was right on the money on what she anticipated the selling price would be and how quickly it would sell. She anticipated issues before they became problems. She listened to me, yet was always there to back me up. This lady is a pro. She was more than an agent, she quickly became a friend. Trust me – this is the agent you want on your team!

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