I Couldn't Find Anyone Whose Clients Loved Them as Much as Sara & Daryl's Clients Do

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If I could rate Sara and Daryl higher (than 5 stars), I absolutely would.

When my husband and I decided to sell our home, we defaulted to utilizing the services a family friend – It was a terrible idea. After a series of unprofessional encounters with Realtor #1, we were forced to fire our family friend. It was certainly a lesson learned.

When looking for a replacement, I did research on just about every Realtor in or around North County and couldn’t find anyone whose clients loved them as much as Sara and Daryl’s clients do, and after selling my home with them, I completely understand why.

You will not find anyone more professional, kind, warm, knowledgeable or passionate than these two. They made every step of selling my home manageable, even the very stressful parts.

You’d be crazy to pick any other Realtor.

Katie & William

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