I Recommended Sara & Daryl to my 94-Year Old Mother

12626 Picrus St - front

Sara and Daryl sold me my home in Rancho Penasquitos way back in 1993 and I was very pleased with their efforts on my behalf. So I did not hesitate to recommend them to my 94 year old mother when she wanted to sell her house recently.

Sara took the reins, and in a very difficult market, was able to miraculously find a buyer for my mom, who is not easily satisfied, not by a long shot.

But with determination, professionalism, and a cheerful manner Sara was somehow able to eventually find a buyer that offered what my mother would accept.

I’ll recommend Sara (and Daryl) again in the future, and hop they’re still in business when I want to sell my house, the same one they found for me almost 20 years ago.


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