Is it Time for a "Home Checkup"?

Annual Checkup

Your Home Needs Love, Too!

Following his heart surgery recently as a result of his annual physical, President George W. Bush encouraged everyone to get regular check-ups.

Annual Homeowner Advisory

Another important checkup that should be done on a regular basis is an annual homeowner advisory. Why would you treat your investment in your home with less care than you treat your car or your pets?

7 Easy Ways to Build Your Net Worth with Real Estate

  • Your Home’s Value. Stay current on the value of your home by monitoring recent sales in your neighborhood, as well as the prices of homes currently on the market. Knowing your equity position in your home helps you to make informed decisions.
  • Assessed Valuation for Tax Purposes. Did you know that you can challenge the assessed valuation and possibly lower your property taxes? (We can help you with that.)
  • Insurance Coverage. You never know when a wildfire might strike, and you want to have the optimum amount of coverage. (Also, if you want a second opinion on your policy premiums at renewal time, we have an excellent agent we can recommend.)
  • Refinancing Options. Even if you have refinanced within the past two years, could you save money and recapture the cost of refinancing in the time you plan to continue to own your home?
  • Pay Down the Mortgage. Have you thought about reducing your mortgage debt with low-earning cash reserves which will not be needed for other purposes in the near future? It’s likely your mortgage interest is greater than the interest income your cash is providing. (I’m just saying.)
  • Rental Property. Investment property in good neighborhoods help you avoid the volatility in the stock market, and there are still a lot of properties available at attractive prices.
  • Get Reliable Vendors and Service Providers. Do you have a few repair projects or improvements you’ve been putting off? Be sure to get recommendations from a trusted source who has frequent experience with home improvement professionals. (We’ve been building that list of resources for more than 25 years!)

better-homeowner-webBetter Homeowner Series

By now, hopefully you are aware that one of our primary goals in our relationship with you is to help you be a Better Homeowner. What do we mean by that?

  • We want to help you increase your net worth through your real estate holdings
  • We want to be your “go to” person whenever you have a real estate question – not just when you are buying or selling
  • We want to provide references to the best home repair and improvement professionals in our personal 25-year database
  • We want to provide you with valuable, relevant information about home ownership on an ongoing basis

A Partnership

If we can assist you in being a Better Homeowner, hopefully you’ll consider us your real estate professionals for life.

Anytime you or your friends need help, please call. Knowing where to get the answer is just as important as knowing the answer. If you’d like information on any of the items we suggested, please let us know.

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