Is The Palisades Ready for an Emergency?

What’s the First Thing You Would Do if an Emergency Strikes?

Emergency PreparednessThe recent wildfires are a stark reminder that a crisis can strike at any moment – and in any location. In an extreme emergency, the City may not be able to reach you with assistance for 72 hours or more. As members of the Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps, we are committed to helping our neighbors in The Palisades be prepared if an emergency strikes.

Emergency Points of Contact

Ideally, every neighborhood has at least one Neighborhood Emergency Coordinator (NEC) and as many Block Captains as necessary to help every resident when an emergency strikes. Residents communicate with their Block Captain to convey and receive breaking news. Block Captains and the NEC should be aware of special needs and resources, and have a way to communicate with each resident in their area. Each resident who wants assistance should have some form of contact information on file with their Block Captain.

Special Needs Identified

  • Do you have medication that needs refrigeration?
  • Is someone housebound at your home?
  • Do you have pets who might need rescue if you are away?

Special Resources

Do you have special skills or resources you could use to help your neighbors?

  • Medical training
  • Generator (to help those who need medications refrigerated)
  • Ham Radio operator or other communication methods if telephone service is out

Join your neighbors in The Palisades in this effort to come together in an emergency. Just complete this contact form to get the process started.

Do you want to be an NEC or Block Captain?

Positions needed:


One primary and one backup for the Arbolitos Drive side of Silverset and the same for the Palisades Drive side. Sara & Daryl volunteer to serve as NEC or Block Captain on the Arbolitos Drive side.

Block Captains

  • One for each culdesac
  • 2-3 along Arbolitos Drive and Palisades Drive

Take the first step and complete this form today. Be ready to help and be helped. All contact information provided will be used solely for Emergency Preparedness and Coordination purposes.

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All contact information provided will be used solely for Emergency Preparedness and Coordination purposes.

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