Meet Daryl Petsch

A Closer Look at Daryl Petsch

Daryl Petsch, as in Realtor with Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty in San Diego? Or Daryl Petsch, as in Cornhusker Basketball Hall of Fame? Or Daryl Petsch with the degree in architecture from the University of Nebraska and the MBA from the University of Kansas? Or maybe the Daryl Petsch, former Captain in the Air Force? Meet them all right now.

Daryl Petsch the Realtor

My architectural wanderings led me to real estate development in Denver, then to real estate sales in San Diego. Along the way, I remodeled 7 homes for fun (and profit) and designed, built and sold residential and office condominiums. For the past 26 years, I’ve specialized in helping San Diego home buyers find the perfect home and make it theirs.

Daryl Petsch, Cornhusker, Overachiever

My parents were thrilled that a full basketball scholarship allowed all of us to enjoy my college education. Not fully grasping the time requirements involved, I decided to obtain a degree in architecture concurrently with playing basketball, which I’m told was a rare undertaking.

That doesn’t count Air Force ROTC, which also seemed like a good idea at the time. My wife wonders how I can work tirelessly to find the perfect homes for my buyer clients… this is how!  The discipline I acquired all those years ago set the stage for the focus and commitment necessary to see my cherished home buyers through the process from concept to closing.

Captain Daryl Petsch

7 highly intense years later, I craved a new challenge, which resulted in 4 (also intense) years in the U.S. Air Force. Offut Air Force Base in Omaha, NE, was to be my home for the duration. I served as Base Maintenance Officer for all facilities and runways on base, which was Strategic Air Command Headquarters. The fact that there were 20 Generals and 300 Full Bird Colonels on base meant that I basically walked around in a full salute 24/7. Now I serve my home buyers 24/7, but don’t have to salute as often.

Present Day

For the past 26 years my wife, Sara Driscoll, and I have teamed up to serve San Diego home buyers and sellers. Pretty much anyone can find a home for a buyer or a buyer for a home. We always knew we wanted more from the experience, (and so do our clients). One of our most important roles in the process is to assist our clients in making decisions which will add to the quality of their lives. Whether this means buying or selling now or in the future, our passion is to help our valued clients determine the best course for their lives with respect to their real estate holdings.

If you want to navigate the home buying process with someone who cares about the experience as well as the final result, I’m available for a consultation to see how I can best serve you.

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