Meet Sara Driscoll

An Unlikely Beginning

Sara DriscollI bought my first home at the unlikely age of 19, and it was a rude awakening as to the workings of the real estate profession! The first agent we worked with drove a Mercedes, wore expensive clothing, and didn’t care one bit about finding out what we, her clients, wanted in a home. The next agent, who actually sold us our home, guided us patiently through the confusing process and earned every penny of her commission on the modest $23,000 sale.

That’s all it took to formulate my theory that the key to true success in the real estate industry was caring about what the clients need, while knowing everything possible about the marketplace. Although it would be 7 years before I would enter the real estate profession, that vision remained vivid and has shaped my attitude for the past 30 years.

Training Ground

My third month as a Realtor was highlighted by interest rates hitting 14%. At that point, all of the buyers I was working with promptly decided to rent instead of buy. My seasoned colleagues told me that if I could succeed in that market, I would succeed anywhere, anytime. While it was painfully little comfort at the time, what I learned about perseverance and marketing during the ensuing three very challenging years in 80’s Denver became the basis for thriving during literally any market conditions since.

San Diego Real Estate

When my husband, Daryl Petsch, and I arrived in San Diego from Denver in 1988, most homes were selling within a day or two. Sellers felt they could list their home with a relative who had a license, a drinking buddy, or a friend who dabbled part-time, and their home would still sell in a day or two – and they weren’t always wrong! Carefree attitudes of home sellers and agents alike vanished almost overnight in October of 1990, when the market shifted swiftly to favor buyers.

A Shift in the Real Estate Market

Seasoned agents who had previously enjoyed enormous success were suddenly lamenting how hard the business was, and that their phones had mysteriously “stopped ringing”. With our proving ground of Denver in the early 80’s as our foundation, Daryl and I mapped out an aggressive marketing plan, honed our negotiating skills and achieved notable success in the local real estate marketplace.

Always Expect Success

We became the top producers for closed units and dollar volume in our office of more than 100 agents for the following 10 consecutive years, and today consistently remain ranked in the top 3% of agents nationwide. Our experiences in the truly daunting market of Denver in the 80’s allowed us to see San Diego’s shifting marketplace simply as an opportunity to leverage our expertise on our clients’ behalf. We know that expecting to be successful is the key to being successful!

Measure of Success

We always knew that we wanted more from our real estate careers than just finding a home for our buyers and a buyer for our listings – and so did our clients! We treasure the relationships we form with our clients, and constantly strive to raise our customer service to new levels. We measure our success by how our clients feel about the end result – and their experience with us from start to finish.

If you want to experience a real estate purchase or sale with Realtors who care about you as well as the end result, contact Sara & Daryl for a consultation today.

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