Meet Your Home Team

Your Home Team

Sara Driscoll

Sells the Listings

Maintains contact with sellers; oversees marketing campaign, uploads properties and photos to websites; designs printed materials.

Facilitates Top-of-Market Sales Prices. Contacts all agents who show property for feedback; pro-actively procures multiple offers whenever possible. Prepares counteroffers and presents with supporting data; oversees escrows.

Special Skills: Negotiating, photography, web design, communication and follow-through.

Daryl PetschDaryl Petsch

Buyer Specialist

Works with past clients, current sellers looking for their next home, and personal referral buyers; will show our listings whenever suitable for specific buyer.

Attention to Details. Hosts agent caravans; attends appointments with appraisers and inspectors, conducts final walkthroughs. Allows Sara to spend full time selling listings!

Special Skills: Staging a home to show to its best advantage, finding the “perfect home” for his buyers.

Home Team History – About Sara & Daryl

Sara & Daryl Logo1,072 home sales have taught us what is really important in the real estate business. Our measure of success is how our clients feel about the end result and their experience with us from start to finish. That’s how we measure success.
–Sara & Daryl

We arrived in San Diego 24 years ago with only a single acquaintance in the county. Since he was a Realtor, our client base was zero. With that as a starting point, we focused on serving each client as though they were our only priority. It was that level of responsiveness and personal attention which has resulted in a thriving business consisting of repeat clients and referrals totaling 68% today.

Cultivating client loyalty was a process that we enjoyed very much. In fact, it was what made all of the long hours worthwhile as we carved out our niche in the real estate world.

Challenges occur daily in a real estate transaction, today more than ever before. After 28 full-time years of experience, first in Denver and since in San Diego, we still encounter unique situations at some point in every sale.

Anticipating the bumps and having the insight to provide inspired solutions is what sets the typical licensee apart from the seasoned real estate professional.

Almost any agent can find a home for a buyer or a buyer for a home, but we always knew that we wanted more from the encounter, and so did the clients we represented. One of our most important roles in the home sale process is to assist our clients in making decisions which will add to the quality of their lives.

Whether this means buying or selling now or in the future, our primary focus is to help our clients determine the best course for their lives with respect to their real estate holdings. We will always put our clients’ goals and needs first, and the resulting relationships we enjoy make the entire process worthwhile.

If you want sensitive and expert representation by professionals devoted to your complete satisfaction, please call us for a personal consultation. Take advantage of more than 24 years of experience in the San Diego real estate market and put us to work to find your dream home–or help you make it someone else’s dream when you are ready to sell it.

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