Outstanding Service, Extraordinary Professional Standard & Profound Dedication


Buying a house can be very exhausting, and it can also be fun. It all depends upon if you have the right agent genuinely devoted to helping you find your dream house. We believe, Sara Driscoll and Daryl Petsch are the perfect team of the best agents you can ever find. They work really hard for your best interests. Recently, they helped us sell our house. We were so impressed by their outstanding service, extraordinary professional standard and profound dedication that we requested them to help buy a new house for us.

Daryl found the right house for us, but we almost missed the opportunity. At first, we had no specific ideas, or too many confusing ideas. Very patiently Daryl listened to our vague criteria, noted down all our erratic details, and analyzed our chaotic requests. To our surprise, he was always able to come up with a list of houses that match our requirements. On a daily basis, Daryl would monitor the market moment and update us with new listings he has found on his database. Each week, he would prepare a professional package, including comprehensive information of each house we are going to visit. In addition, he would plan the route in such a way that the trip itself was scenic, enjoyable, and productive. When we visited the selected houses, not only did he keep in mind all the details of our criteria, but also checked for us those places on our list sometimes we ourselves forgot to inspect. For several weeks, he drove us around San Diego, looking at all the houses that suit our budget and meet our expectation. During these visits, Daryl shared with us all the useful and relevant information about the most recent high-tech appliances installed in some households, different types of construction across decades, and various federal and state regulations. Very soon we found out that Daryl is a man of few words, but whenever he talks, he always makes perfect sense. We truly appreciate his dedication, understanding, and patience as well as all his professional advice and sound judgment. For instance, he would gently persuade us from pursuing those houses that might lead to potential troubles in future even if we were terribly interested now. We were so grateful that Daryl, in addition to being an experienced realtor, was also a trustful friend who has not only found the right house for us, but also saved us from potential future remorse.

As soon as we decided about our house, Sara instantly started working on the buyer’s agent, based upon comparative studies of the recent market trends in that neighborhood. As a savvy negotiator, Sara got the best deal for us in a matter of two days, and subsequently managed the entire buying process: she not only recommended the best home inspector, but also (the whole team) carefully monitored the entire house inspection and proposed further investigation where was deemed necessary or problematic. In this aspect, they are totally thorough and unwavering. In fact, they inspected the whole house twice to make sure all were functional and meeting our expectations. Moreover, they suggested what to check further and provided useful references for contact if needed. Because of the holiday season, Sara pro-actively communicated with the lender, the escrow, and seller’s agent to ensure that our sale closes on time. At the same time, she offered us many informational sessions about all those documents: deeds, home association, disclosure report, termite report, natural disaster reports, etc. She would raise red flags where deserved our attention. To ease our anxiety, she carefully guided us through each step of the purchase, offered valuable professional advice and protected us from any potential problems. She handpicked the best home warranty plan for our home protection and suggested additional coverage for some crucial items. Close to the end of the sale, Sara kindly reminded that we should start contacting all utility companies to avoid disruption of service. How many agents care that much about you!? I have no clue. We were deeply touched by their genuine care and devoted service.

We believe Sara Driscoll and Daryl Petsch are the best team of realtors you could ever get. Instead of having one agent working hard for you, you have a brilliant team working together. As they said, “an extra pair of eyes always helps” in the house market. Sara and Daryl absolutely deserve 5 stars if not more. Trust me, they are the best team looking out for your best interests. They have won our highest recommendation.

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