Personal Finance Review

Checklist for Saving Money

finance reviewA small amount of time spent reviewing your expenditures can reap significant savings over time.

Periodically, review your expenditures with the diligence of an exuberant IRS agent on commission.  It’s an exercise that most people don’t feel they have time to do but the rewards make it entirely worthwhile.

  • Get comparative quotes on insurance – car, home, other – on an annual basis
  • Review and compare utility providers
  • Review plans on cell phones
  • Review plans on cable TV, satellite for unused channels and packages or receivers
  • Appeal your property tax assessment
  • Consider refinancing home – lower rate, shorter term or cash out to payoff higher rate loans
  • Consider refinancing cars
  • Call credit card companies to ask for a lower rate
  • Review all of the automatic charges on your credit cards – consider no-fee cards
  • Search for late fees that are regularly being paid and eliminate them
  • Review all bank charges for accounts and debit cards; determine if they can be reduced or eliminated
  • Cancel automatic renewals for services you may not want to continue

You’ll be surprised how much money you can save just by noticing what you really spend. See more articles in our Better Homeowner series.


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