Poetry in Motion


Without a doubt, I recommend Sara  Driscoll and Daryl Petsch. I was just thinking back about the first time we worked together on the sale of my home. I was so concerned about finding an agent who would look out for my interests, because of the many stories of bad experiences or self-serving agents.

As it turns out, I found TWO really great agents who did an amazing job of protecting my interests and delivering great outcomes. They made it so easy for me to not only stay on top of my tasks, but to help me make well informed decisions.

As life has taken its twists and turns since then, they assisted me in every move – each time surpassing the amazing job they did the time before, regardless of the circumstances. I know, how could that be? Well, they clearly stay on top of evolving laws and trends in RE and employ the latest technology. Poetry in motion. What more can be said? Call them!!

-Eric G

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