Poway Real Estate Trends

How’s the Real Estate Market in Poway?

These three simple charts show the Poway, CA real estate market trends over the past 11 years: 2001 through 2011. What do they say to you?

Poway Days on Market - 11 Year History

Poway Real Estate – Average Days on Market

Market time has risen each year since since 2004, but we see a sharp drop in 2011. Homes are selling faster.

 Poway Average Sale Price - 11 Year History

Poway Real Estate – Average Sale Price

This shouldn’t be used as strict evidence of home prices rising or falling, as the average is affected by the number of upscale homes vs low-end price points, but given the 11-year time span, a clear pattern is emerging.

Poway Closed Sales - 11 Year History

Poway Real Estate – Closed Sales

The lowest number of closed sales occurred in 2008, with steadily rising numbers since. The trend appears to be heading in the right direction, especially when we remember that Days on Market is down.

What Do You See?

What trends do you spot in these charts? They reflect what we are personally experiencing in the marketplace…buyers are out there making offers, and good properties are enjoying shorter market times. Can stronger prices be far behind?

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