Sara Will Remain Calm (No Matter What!)

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There are lots of Realtors out there, but if you want to get through it with your sanity intact – get Sara and Daryl to be there for you when the going gets tough. and it likely will!

Appraisers, inspectors, agents, buyers & sellers all have their own agenda. That agenda frequently appears to be at odds with yours. Sara will remain calm (no matter what!) and help you through the process and get the job done. Her knowledge of the market, what must be done/ when and current legal requirements is beyond measure.

Our first sale fell through because the buyer’s lender couldn’t perform. Our second sale went through only after a great deal of negotiation concerning HOA rules and the buyer’s unusual requests. Both of these transactions involved agents with less expertise than Sara & it was necessary for her to guide them & share her wealth of knowledge in order to progress. She was subtle and respectful with each, incurring no ill will that would have boomeranged on us or our sale. Through it all, Sara was available and smoothing each wrinkle that arose. There was never a time she wasn’t available to answer questions and give us her feedback while letting us make the decisions.

The myriad of rules and laws now in place make real estate transactions very difficult and stressful. The only way to combat that is to have the most experienced, knowledgeable, available, patient & positive agent working for you. That would be Sara Driscoll.

~Linda S

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