Secrets of a Real Estate Agent – 5 Keys to Selling a Home in Today's Market

Whatever you may hear or believe about selling a home in the San Diego real estate market, homes are selling! Then again, some homes are sitting! So what causes some to sell and others to sit?

Here are 5 Secrets to a Successful Home Sale:

Internet Sites for a Successful Home SaleSECRET #1: Exposure

Being in the right place at the right time isn’t the goal these days. Being enough places enough times is what it takes! With 87% of buyers using the internet extensively in their home searches, exposure on the websites where buyers shop is essential. Our listings are featured on the sites shown on this chart–plus many dozens more, which results in an abundance of qualified showing appointments. The savvy, serious buyers are online; make sure your home is, also!

SECRET #2: Price the Property in a Value Range

Studies show that properties offered within a value range, as opposed to a fixed price, receive 5 times the number of hits online, whether by agents searching for a home in the Multiple Listing Service, or by buyers searching on their own. Before the buyer can consider buying a home, they have to find it in their search.

Correct use of Value Range Pricing is even more essential than choosing the optimum fixed price. There are 3 key steps to follow when selecting a value range, featured in another of our blog posts.

SECRET #3: Staging

“Selling condition” is different than “living condition”. If pricing is the reason buyers look at a home, staging is the reason they make an offer. Accentuating the positive features and amenities of a home can either cause a home to sell faster or for a higher price. Following the recommendations of a skilled real estate agent or professional stager almost always accomplishes both.

SECRET #4: Negotiating Begins Sooner than You Think

Many people think negotiating begins when the offer is received. The truth is that much of the positioning has been done prior to the offer being written. With every telephone or email communication between the listing agent and a prospective buyer or their agent, the seller’s negotiating power is either strengthened or weakened.

The savvy negotiator realizes that every question posed could be intended to expose the seller’s motivation or vulnerabilities. It is essential to evaluate the negotiating expertise of the real estate agent you select.

SECRET #5: Problem Solving Skills

After 25 years of selling residential real estate, we still encounter some unique circumstance in every transaction. A real estate sale is entirely more complicated than most people realize, and even many real estate agents underestimate the long-term consequences which can occur.

Certainly, challenges are common to home sales; some are foreseeable, and most are avoidable. The first step in navigating challenges is not to panic. Listen to the entire situation and ask questions. A skilled real estate agent can evaluate and communicate all available options on both sides of the transaction. In many cases, both sides want to solve the problem, and if they get past the initial panic, solutions can often be found.

Success is not an accident

Attention to these five keys and the selection of an experienced Realtor can turn the odds to your favor, no matter the market conditions.

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