Selling Your Home in the Shortest Possible Time

Shortest Time on the Market

Correct pricing and effective staging are two important factors we covered in How to Sell Your Home for the Highest Possible Price. Now we want to attract the greatest number of buyers possible…which brings us to…

Internet Exposure!

Internet replaced print advertising as the preferred source of property information in 2003!

Positioning – Setting Your Home Apart

Photos and Virtual Tour

We provide 25 photos and a state-of-the art virtual tour to the Multiple Listing Service for dissemination across the internet. The reason this is so important is that buyers and agents now do the majority of their “previewing” online. If there aren’t interior photos captured with a wide-angle lens and enhanced by good lighting, you won’t command the attention of anyone. Your audience has to be inspired to get into the car and come to see your home. We give them a reason to come.

Internet Sites


Need we say more? Our properties are on internet sites all over the web, including every major real estate brokerage’s sites. Buyers will find your home online!

Forget about being in the right place at the right time. Your home needs to be enough places enough times!

 Exceptional Property Flyers

Include 3-6 color photos of your home, printed on high quality presentation paper.

MLS Remarks – the Multiple Listing Service

Often underestimated, this can be an extremely effective tool, if used correctly. What many agents don’t realize is these remarks end up on websites everywhere! Buyers, not agents, are the true intended audience, so it’s essential to craft remarks which appeal directly to the buyers’ emotional desires for their dream home.

Selling in the shortest possible time and getting the highest possible price often go hand in hand.

Remember that buyers and agents alike receive e-mail alerts of new properties coming to the market each day. It seems every buyer these days has lost at least one home because they didn’t move fast enough or make a good enough offer. When they receive an e-mailed alert about your home, be ready to entertain some offers from some serious buyers. That’s where Negotiating Strategy comes in.

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