The Dream of Home Ownership is Alive and Well

Dream of Home Ownership

Home Ownership Still the American Dream

81% of adults surveyed believe that buying a home is the best long-term investment a person can make. 80% see home ownership as a very important long-term goal.

81% of renters would like to own a home in the future, and 96% of homeowners are happy with their decision to own.

Buying a Home is About More Than Money

Read our post about the Top 4 Reasons Buyers are Buying Homes, according to the Fannie Mae National Housing Survey, then check out some of the 28 Financial Calculators to find out what your payments would be, compare renting vs owning, even compare a home purchase to other forms of investment,such as CDs or stocks.

Once you’ve decided to take the next step, talk to a good lender and Realtor. We’re here if you need us and we have access to reputable and competitive lenders to help you.

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