The Happiest Place on Earth – 29811 Disney Lane- SOLD

29811 Disney Lane - AerialThe contractor who dreams of working from home can make that dream come true right here. Stop paying for space elsewhere, and put that long commute behind you.

Disney Lane – 1,000 Square Foot Shop

Perfect for the serious contractor or hobbyist, the 1,000 square foot shop has 3 bays for vehicles, including one oversized door, an elaborate workbench and the ultimate in storage space–in the shop and over it, via pulldown stairs to overhead storage. A bath with shower and an office provide comfort and convenience, as well. A spacious 2-car garage attached to the single-level home keeps your cars and personal vehicles separate from the shop.

While this is a rare and financially advantageous benefit for the contractor, maybe you just have:

  • A car collection
  • Lots of fancy and expensive grown-up toys
  • A hobby that requires some space to maneuver
  • The need to get away from the main house now and then

Whatever aspect appeals to you, this is pretty much a one-of-a-kind opportunity with your name on it!

Disney Lane – Paradise Beyond the Gate

You’ll be pleased to learn that the rest of the property is even more special. From the moment you turn onto Disney Lane, you’ll realize the street is home to lovely properties in special settings, and when you arrive at the gated entry to this 1.18-acre estate, you’ll know at once that what you’ll find beyond the gate is something you’ve most likely never experienced.

Disney Lane – The Grounds

Lushly landscaped grounds are encircled by a split private drive, making it easy to come and go. A gravel lot tucked away on the lower portion of the grounds is perfect for your boat or other vehicles you want to have handy – but not right up at the house or shop.

Disney Lane – The Home

The resident contractor who fell in love with this shop has remodeled the kitchen for his wife with the love and care of a skilled craftsman who expected to spend every day their lives enjoying this incredible place they call home. The beautifully appointed kitchen reflects the planning and workmanship that you’d create for yourself–if only you could. Well, you can enjoy this one!

The single-level floor plan flows well, with generously proportioned rooms. The swimming pool is in a fenced area, with near-total privacy. But we still haven’t covered what might be your favorite part.

Disney Lane – The View

An exquisite view is yours to enjoy every day from a private viewing area just steps from your door. The home is situated on the ideal setting on the grounds, nearly hidden completely from the street, and offers the perfect vantage point to savor a view that is sure to take your breath away… every single time you look at it, which the current owner can confirm.

Disney Lane – The Happiest Place on Earth

“I look forward to coming home every day. I can’t wait to just be here, to sit in these peaceful surroundings and watch the gorgeous view and know this is my home.” – Kevin L.

We’re all hoping to find just the person who will feel the same way, who will love to call this home. When do you want to come and see if it’s you? This is a Value Range listing.

Seller will entertain offers between $500,000 and $685,000.

Disney Lane is 1.7 miles west of I-15 on Gopher Canyon–easy to get places, and most important, easy to get home again.

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