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Value Range Marketing Examples

Ever since Value Range pricing was launched in San Diego County in 1995, we’ve employed the strategy to attract more buyers to our listings, often generating multiple offers and maximized sale prices. We’ve personally used Value Range Pricing on 501 properties! Home sellers are sometimes afraid buyers will make low offers, but the proof is right here. The range pricing strategy end result speaks for itself. These home sellers took the plunge and were rewarded with excellent sale prices and very short market times. Just compare the asking price range to the final sale price and you’ll see what we mean. Let us know if you have any questions.

The low end of the range is “The Power”, and the high price is “The Possibility”.


  • 723 Fino Glen, Escondido CA 92025 - view2Asking Price: $420,000-$460,000
  • Sale Price: $450,000
  • Days on Market: 10
  • Number of Offers: 3


  • 825 Huckleberry Lane - EscondidoAsking Price: $340,000-$405,000
  • Sale Price: $395,000
  • Days on Market: 7
  • Number of Offers: 3

Review Posted by Seller on Zillow

We fell into the care of Sara and Daryl by accident but it was a blessing for us. We felt like we were their only clients as they were always available and communicating with use daily. We made an offer on a house and after negotiation, it was accepted. They listed our house for sale; sold it and closed escrow before the house we were buying closed escrow.
We would highly recommend Sara and Daryl to anyone that wants results and professionals working for them, they are truly fabulous to work with, I don’t think we would have gotten through the process without them.

Rockwell Ct – Poway

  • 12804_Rockwell_Ct_backview3Asking Price: $850,000-$935,000
  • Sale Price: $920,000
  • Days on Market: 6
  • Number of Offers: 2

Review from Seller

One clear advantage of having  Sara & Daryl to list your house is that Sara works exclusively on selling your house and won’t get distracted by showing houses listed in MLS to buyers (Daryl does that).   Bring available is a key factor.

She’s savvy  on high tech (listing your house on  YouTube, Smart Phone texting and the Internet viewing). You can sign your documents on line to speed things up should you choose to.

She is also an excellent photographer and I’m impressed with her framing and lighting choice in presenting your house in a favorable manner.

Handling multiple offers  is also one of her specialties, she is well versed in that.

Sara also generates a schedule for you once an offer is accepted known as ” What’s Next” for you,
and she helps you go through the entire process form acceptance to closing.

Tretagnier – Rancho Bernardo12005 Tretagnier Cir (17)

  • Asking Price: $600,000-$675,000
  • Sale Price: $687,505
  • Days on Market: 4
  • Number of Offers: 3


Neddick – Poway12812 Neddick Ave Poway CA 01

  • Asking Price: $370,000-$395,000
  • Sale Price: $385,000
  • Days on Market: 12
  • Number of Offers: 8

Merritt Drive – El Cajon1412 Merritt Dr El Cajon CA 92020

  • Asking Price: $575,000-$675,000
  • Sale Price: $675,000
  • Days on Market: 4

Del Mar Heights, Del Mar2582 Del Mar Heights - Del Mar Palms

  • Asking Price: $225,000-$275,000
  • Sale Price: $286,000
  • Days on Market: 5
  • Number of Offers: 9

Caminito Corriente, Rancho Bernardo11503 Caminito Corriente - front of home

  • Asking Price: $555,000-$605,000
  • Sale Price: $620,000
  • Days on Market: 4
  • Number of Offers: 9

Review Posted by Seller on Zillow:

Sara & Daryl were unknown to us when we first found them. From the very beginning, they were completely professional in their plan to market and sell our home. When we decided to hire them, they went into action, giving us concrete suggestions on what we should do to make our home attractive to buyers. Sara’s pictures of our house were professional in quality, making our place look perfect!

As timing would have it, interest in our home was immediate. Sara screened all offers to us. I think we were her whole job for 3 days straight! We got eight offers, many over our asking price. We accepted the best, cleanest one with her advice. She is also well known in the local Real Estate community, which was also a plus. the negotiating process went beautifully, made easier by DocuSign. She was perfect in keeping us apprised during the sale process, e-mailing us regularly with updates, which we preferred.

Beware, not all agents are on top of things like Sara & Daryl! I would honestly recommend them to anyone interested in buying and selling a home. It was an almost painless process and a real pleasure working with them. They are the best!

Via Vera Cruz, San Marcos1029 Via Vera Cruz - San Marcos CA

  • Asking Price: $525,000-$600,000
  • Sale Price: $560,000, free rentback 6 months
  • Days on Market: 30 (withdrawn for 7 days)
  • Number of Offers: 3

Rancho Mission, San Diego

  • Asking Price: $280,000-$320,000
  • Sale Price: $320,000
  • Days on Market: 3
  • Number of Offers: 4


Madrigal, Rancho PenasquitosMadrigal, Rancho Penasquitos

  • Asking Price: $300,000-$350,000
  • Sale Price: $365,500
  • Days on Market: 6
  • Number of Offers: 10

 Review Posted by seller on Zillow:

Sara Driscoll is by far the most professional realtor I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Sara should you ever need a realtor for whatever reason (buying, selling, listing, short sale, etc.) I have never done business with any realtor who is more professional, knowledgeable or willing to take the extra steps to make sure that you receive the best service possible in all aspects. She constantly kept me informed and up to date on all progress and the flow of the sale. Since the first day, her expertise and professional and friendly service were of the highest caliber. Sara worked diligently on the short sale of our home and made sure the process went as smoothly as possible. Sara listed our home as a short sale and the house sold immediately with 10 offers in the first week and a price that exceeded our expectations. Sara is very personable, and a highly experienced agent who thoroughly explained the short sale listing process, answered our many questions in an understandable way, and kept in constant contact, giving us timely updates and progress reports along the way. The short sale process has very strict and short time deadlines which can be difficult to meet. Sara worked tirelessly and put in hours of extra work which were not her responsibility. We are very grateful for her service and highly recommend her for all your real estate needs.


Birch Ave, Escondido

  • Asking Price: $325,000-$375,000
  • Sale Price: $350,000, cash buyer
  • Days on Market: 8
  • Number of Offers: 8

 Review Posted by seller on Zillow:

I was referred to Sara Driscoll by a trusted friend, who is also a realtor. What a great referral. Sara and her husband, Daryl, were very professional from the start. They did a comprehensive walk of the property, prepared a very impressive report on the property, on themselves, and on what they could do for us. Sara delivered on all of her promises, and all of her and our expectations were met. I must say, the follow thru on leads, the follow up on issues, the communication, the advise, and the negotiating was all well done from start to finish. I have dealt with several other realtors in  my life, and I can honestly say that Sara Driscoll has been the shining star of them all. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


 11680 Kismet Rd - front of homeKismet, Sabre Springs

  • Asking Price: $465,000-$535,000
  • Sale Price: $530,000
  • Days on Market: 8
  • Number of Offers: 10

Review posted by seller on Zillow:

We sold our home in Sabre Springs quickly and for top dollar because of the expertise of Sara Driscoll and Daryl Petsch. Sara was readily available to answer any of our questions and all communication was forthright, open, and honest. Sara also uses DocuSign, an online document signing service, which made all the paperwork much easier to deal with. Sara and Daryl lined us up with great contractors to get our house ready for sale and to perform repairs quickly for an on-time closing. We sold our house for more than we expected in only 7 days! We highly recommend Sara and Daryl (Real Living Lifestyles) for your real estate needs.


17161 Alva Rd - The Summit in RBAlva Road, Rancho Bernardo

  • Asking Price: $175,000-$215,000
  • Sale Price: $217,500
  • Days on Market: 4
  • Number of Offers: 6

Review posted by seller on Zillow:

Make no mistake about it! The team of Sara Driscoll and Daryl Petsch (Real Living Lifestyles) sets the standard for all realtors. We have bought and sold many properties across the country, and Sara and Daryl exemplify what is the best in realtors: high levels of expertise and synergy; rapid communication and availability; compassion; and, high customer satisfaction. In our experience, the team of Sara and Daryl have repeatedly gone out of their way to smooth and calm the buying and selling processes for us. They went beyond the call of duty in many instances in their dealings with us, vendors, lenders, buyers and sellers and other realtors. When purchasing our home, we were one of a number of very competitive offers. Without the expertise of Sara and Daryl we are convinced the deal would have fallen through. In the sale of our home we were once again faced with multiple offers. Sara and Daryl guided us through the process and helped us get our desired sales price. They continually anticipated our needs and acted effectively and efficiently on those anticipations. You simply cannot do better than choosing Sara and Daryl to serve and represent you—either as a buyer or seller in your real estate goals and activities. We unequivocally recommend Sara and Daryl to you concerning your real estate needs. Drs. (Ph.D) Jon E. and Renee M. Roeckelein


Tierra Bonita photoTierra Bonita, Poway

  • Asking Price Range: $275,000-$350,000
  • Sale Price: $360,000
  • Days on Market: 9
  • Number of Offers: 18

Short Sale. List date: 2/18/12; close date 3/28/12

Review posted by seller on Zillow:

Sara Driscoll and Daryl Petsch were the perfect team to sell my house in Poway. The house was a property that had lost value and I could not afford to keep the house due to changing circumstances in my life. Sara worked with the mortgage company to accept a short sale, handled multiple offers for the house, and worked out the final sale. Since I live several states away they both went out of their way to communicate, reassure me and make it an enjoyable experience in every aspect in the process. I cannot give a higher recommendation for their work and professionalism.

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