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We’ve worked with Sara & Daryl for 10 years. We relocated to San Diego, Daryl helped us find 2 rentals to learn the area. When we were ready to buy, they helped us find a PERFECT home. They heard our needs & found us the home of our dreams.

Six years later, we were relocating cross country. Now we get to use them in a selling capacity. Sara guided us through what needed to be, and WAS, a fast, easy sale. She took the lead — from initial talks, prepping, contractors, listing, selling, closing. Each step was flawless.


This is key. When you first meet with Sara (& Daryl), they will explain how they use range pricing. You will say “that makes NO sense.”. You will. TRUST ME, they are RIGHT. I was skeptical, apprehensive, & argumentative at times, but Sara used her professional approach and years of experience to not only explain the use of range pricing (this is important) IN A WAY THAT I UNDERSTOOD, then proceeded to explain why it was the best option for us. She said the choice was ours as to what our range was, but her recommendation was based on facts, figures, and experience. I still fought her. I wanted higher. Again, she explained WHY range pricing worked the way it worked, and WHY she suggested the range that she did, and HOW that would NET US THE PRICE WE WANTED IN THE END. Know this. It WILL NOT MAKE SENSE, but IT WILL WORK! I promise you, second guess all you want, and second guess HER, she will take all the time you need, explain it to you in 19982 different ways, answer your same questions over and over, and she will GET YOU YOUR PRICE. In the end, TRUST HER. She knows what she’s doing, I promise.

Initial Conversations

Sara came to the home, evaluate pros/cons, & devise a plan. She was thorough in her prep and didn’t rush us. She presented facts, figures, ideas. Her attention to detail is unmatched. Her forethought is key, making for smooth sailing.


Our home was in great shape, but wanted to ensure we were set up for a fast sale. We made efforts to ensure our home hit the market “move in ready”. They did a thorough walkthrough — inside & out — and presented a proposal of items they recommended touching up, repairing, highlighting, giving an explanation for each & why they felt it was in our best interest, even if at an additional expense. We went forward with nearly all of their recommendations.


Sara helped us secure contractors, those with which she worked on many occasions & felt their quality of craftsmanship was second to none. She has identified the best in the area. Not only was the work superior, but also timely, and costs were fair. She managed most of it as we had moved! She went WAY above & FAR beyond her call of duty. Our home looked stunning & inviting to any prospective buyer.


She saw a window to list to capture the market at the right time. Our professional photos were scheduled but she took some (excellent) photos herself, & listed the home. Within hours we had activity! She soon added the (excellent) professional photos. Fast & furious made for immediate showings. Despite the constant activity and the fact that Sara probably had many clients, she ALWAYS made us feel like we were her one & only!!
OUT OF ALL SHE PROVIDES, THIS ONE FACT STANDS OUT MORE THAN ANY. Sara will make you feel like you are the only client she has, and she’s dedicated 100% to you. That alone is worth every penny. I still don’t know how she does it.


The offers started rolling in fast! We needed a fast sale, and we were going to get it. She called, texted, emailed us at hours WE specified (we had a 2 hour time difference), shared information, presented offers. When we needed to discuss offers, counteroffers, accepting offers, she made herself available at times that were convenient to us, and again, always made us feel like we were her only clients.


We sold our home in 6 days. We got a price we wanted. HIGHER than the top of our range (see Pricing above — see?). We were confident in our buyers, which was important. Not only did we get our price, but we closed fast. Nearly all paperwork was done electronically via DocuSign, which made it so easy, being 2000 miles away. The process was fast, easy, painless, without challenge.


What more can I say? Did I “sugarcoat” this? Nope. Not one bit. Did you read any “negative nelly” comments? Nope, because there are none. If I had one negative thing to say it’s only that Sara & Daryl aren’t with us cross country to help us! Truly, they have been a dream to work with — whether renting, buying, selling, talking about the area — you name it. I can’t recommend them enough. Their approach is unique, second to none, there is no disappointment to be had. If you are looking for a team that will meet AND EXCEED your needs, look no further — Sara & Daryl are right under your nose.

~Karin R

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