With Sara & Daryl, Communication is Key

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I am a real estate broker and the owner of an independent real estate company in Boulder County Colorado. I recently referred some of my clients to Sara and Daryl to list their home in Rancho Bernardo.

I have known Sara and Daryl for over 20 years and throughout that time they have consistently shown professionalism, market knowledge and a service-centric work ethic that is second to none. They are both passionate about doing the job right, which is why they have had repeat clients and client referrals for years.

Because of that, I felt comfortable referring these clients, who are close personal friends, to Sara and Daryl. The transaction was not simple with numerous “moving parts” and yet, there was never any question what was happening or why, because with Sara and Daryl, communication is key.

Being in the business and having been a broker for so many years, this transaction had the potential to be a nightmare in the hands of brokers who were less experienced and knowledgeable. As it turned out, the home closed early and the seller walked away more than satisfied.

Sara and Daryl are always my “go to” brokers in San Diego County. I’d highly recommend them to anyone, who is thinking of buying or selling real estate, unless of course, you love stress and sleepless nights and migraine headache. Buying and selling real estate is tough enough, don’t make it harder by hiring the wrong broker. Call Sara and Daryl.

D. Monier, Broker

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